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Seaweed Around the Clock is the second edition of the largest global seaweed event uniting people and businesses of all backgrounds in order to talk about the growing seaweed industry.

It will be all about raising awareness, showcasing innovations and funding organic seaweed farming. Our objective: with the support of the non-profit Seaweed First, we aim to raise funds in order to support sustainable seaweed projects globally during the first 24h Seaweed Telethon.

What’s at the event?

Watch live debates, keynotes, cooking & fashion shows

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Explore Exhibition Hall and poster presentations

Support organic seaweed projects through a donation platform


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02 :00 UTC

Official Opening : Keynote : HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco
Pierre Erwes, President BioMarine

S1- Live Debate: New Zealand’s next gold?

New Zealand’s unique position to build a strong seaweed economy

03 :00 UTC

S2-Seaweed vision and strategy

Chief Scientists will share their vision and strategies for Seaweed in Australia

04 :00 UTC

S3-Seaweed in Australia

How to transform applied research into profitable businesses?

05 :00 UTC

S4- Seaweed Next Wave

How can the next generation impact the seaweed industry?

06 :00 UTC

S5- Gen’ Digital seaweed

Revitalizing traditional knowledge and empowering the next gen!

07 :00 UTC

S6-Collaborative seaweed models

What is the right social model to build strong seaweed businesses?

08 :00 UTC

S7- Seaweed as the economic growth factor for the Mediterranean basin

How can seaweed farming could foster regional economic development?

09 :00 UTC

S8-Investing in seaweed

What are the next steps in financing seaweed companies?

10 :00 UTC

S9-Magic seaweed

How can seaweed revolutionize the pharmaceutical sector?

11 :00 UTC

S10-Green fashion

How can seaweed contribute to make fashion industry cleaner?

12 :00 UTC

S11-Biopolymers and food packaging

Developing seaweed polymers as a real alternative for food packaging

13 :00 UTC

S12-Seaweed: Super food

Seaweed: the driver of the industrial food revolution

14 :00 UTC

S13- Irish Seaweed outlook

Ireland’s Seaweed Success – Expertise, Innovation and Opportunity’

15 :00 UTC

S14 - Seaweed polymers & innovative solutions for plastic

16:00 UTC

S15-Greenland: a future seaweed hub?

Developing a pragmatic sustainable seaweed industry in partnership with local native communities

17 :00 UTC

S16- Turning a major issue into a Seaweed unique opportunity

Forward renewable energies and valuable compounds

18 :00 UTC

S17-Seaweed & Agriculture

Could, seaweed bio stimulants, fertilizers, and feed additives for methane reduction, replace existing regular chemical products?

19 :00 UTC

S18-Build coastal community resilience

Developing a new social economic model for fishermen and local communities

20 :00 UTC

S19-Sargassum & Caribbean

Sargassum: turning the tide into a blue opportunity

21 :00 UTC

S20-Seaweed carbon

Seaweed farms & carbon: reality or illusion?

22 :00 UTC

S21- Beyond Carbon … The Ecosystem Services of Seaweed


23 :00 UTC

S22- Swap Plastic for Seaweed at Scale

How can seaweed address the plastic issue?

00 :00 UTC

S23-Embracing indigenous wisdom

How can working with indigenous communities help the seaweed industry?

01 :00 UTC

S24- Seaweed & Pacific Islands

The emerging trends and potential of Seaweed in the Pacific Island states

02 :00 UTC

End of the 24h live / second edition of Seaweed Around the Clock

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With the technical contribution of the General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean (GFCM) of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations


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Organization Partners

Thank you British Columbia for organizing the Jeopardy/Session 21 and Session 23 "Embracing Indigenous wisdom"!

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